Membership Categories:

Individual Professional - Commercial Interests: For individuals working within an organization pursuing commercial interests, including publicly traded companies, privately held companies, law firms, commercial crown corporations, co-ops, or government agencies. Membership fees are $567.00 + applicable taxes per year. 

Individual Professional - Non-commercial Interests
: For individuals working within an organization pursuing non-commercial interests, including non-profits, charities, non-commercial crown corporations or educational/academic institutions. Membership fees are $431.00 + applicable taxes per year.

Individual Non-practicing: For individuals who have retired from active involvement in governance, are currently unemployed and looking for work in the governance field, or are currently registered in or teaching a governance-based curriculum or program at a recognized educational institution. Fees are $93.00 + applicable taxes per year. Note: To register for membership in this category, please send an email to and provide an explanation for why you qualify as "Non-practicing" status.

Group Rate: If there are 3 or more members from your organization, each will receive a 15% discount on their membership fee. Contact us (email to to claim your discount.

Please note: If a third member is added at a later date, the existing two members will benefit from the group-rate discount upon renewal.

  • Group Rate Commercial Interest (15% discount) fees: $483 + applicable taxes
  • Group Rate Non-Commercial Interest (15% Discount) fees: $365 + applicable taxes

*Please keep in mind that GPC memberships are owned by the individual regardless of who paid for that membership. If you are unsure what membership category you fall under or have questions regarding membership, please contact us @

How to pay your membership application or renewal:

  1. Credit Card: Download our Credit Card Authorization Form and email to

  2. Cheque: Mail us a cheque payable to "Governance Professionals of Canada" (GST Reg. #139259949 RT0001)

  3. PayPal: Pay through your PayPal account by logging in to your GPC account at then clicking “Pay Online” under your profile. 

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