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'Governance in Practice'

Program Overview

GPC.D is a recognized Canadian designation attained by completing the ‘Governance in Practice’ Program. The program was created to help strengthen the skills of those who practice governance, to assist their boards and organizations in enhancing their overall governance processes. Those with GPC.D designations will set themselves apart with employers, boards and key stakeholders as leading governance professionals.

Program Structure

The Governance in Practice Education Program consists of 3 courses – Foundations of Governance, Applied Governance and Strategic Governance.  The program content is applicable to all type of organizations, across all industry sectors and jurisdictions, with a focus on the practical, hands-on role of governance professionals. These interactive courses provide an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other governance practitioners from across Canada.

Program Delivery

All courses are delivered in-person and virtually - please see registration page for details. Each course consists of pre-read information and two and a half days of in-class sessions. Students are expected to be present for the entire duration of each course.

Each course is offered a minimum of 3 times per year virtually and in various Canadian cities including Toronto and Vancouver.  Although not mandatory, because of the structure of the program, it is in the student’s best interest to take the course in order – Foundations of Governance, Applied Governance & Strategic Governance.

Upon completion of each course, students are also required to complete an online multiple choice/true & false exam.  The exam will be sent via web link after the program delivery.  The students will have 20 days from when they receive the link to complete and submit the exam.  The minimum pass grade for exams is 65%.  Once all three courses and exams are successfully completed, a final case study must be completed and passed in order to receive the designation.

The program offers students the opportunity to, collaborate with peers and instructors through the GPC-EP Forum, an exclusive portal for GPC-EP participants.  As a student you can network, communicate, exchange ideas and ask questions of their peers through this program.  The GPC-EP Forum is located on our GPC website (link), which can be accessed by all GPC-EP enrolled or graduated students.  

Program Time Frame

Once you register for the program in full you are given 2 years to complete all three courses in any order; in any of the offering cites.

"Governance is about implementing good practices that improve the outcomes for boards and organizations. That’s why certified education program for governance professionals is so critical."

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Foundations of Governance

Applied Governance

Strategic Governance

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