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EGAs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do nominees have to be Corporate Secretaries or can they be anyone/any team who has the overall function of governance in their corporation/company?
A: Nominees can be anyone who has a role in the governance function and who would be directly involved in the work that the nomination submission outlines.

Q: Can I nominate myself or my company or does someone else have to nominate me?A: Nominations can be submitted from the organization-nominee or from outside.

Q: I represent a not-for-profit/Crown/Private (or other) organization. Can I still submit a submission in any entry category or are the awards limited to publicly traded companies?A: All companies of all sizes in all sectors in all of Canada are welcome to submit nominations in any of the listed categories.

Q: Can we nominate our CEO or Board Chair?
A: The awards go to the organization, rather than individuals in all categories except for the Peter Dey Award and for the Governance Professional of the Year Award, however GPC does take this opportunity to recognize the individual (s) involved in the governance practices of organizations, e.g. the Corporate Secretary, Corporate Counsel, or other governance professionals. If the CEO, CFO or Chair of the board has been involved in moving the organization forward in the area for which it is being recognized, then we encourage those individuals to be on hand to receive the accolades and be featured in our post-award features.

Q: I have a number of supporting documents to submit as part of our organization’s nomination (-s). Will the judges be reading through all of the submissions and the attachments provided?
A: Please note that the judges will pay special attention to the executive summaries which are to be submitted for the nominations. They will be looking for the ‘stories’ that highlight the reasons why the nominees should be recognized and win an award. The accompanying documentation provided in support of the nomination should be clearly referenced in the executive summary and relevant sections/pages should be highlighted in order to direct the judges’ attention to the appropriate areas in the supporting attachments provided.

Q: When will the award ceremony take place?
A: The winners for the awards will be announced and celebrated  on November 4, 2021, Toronto, Ontario.

Q: Will the names of the organizations/individuals who have entered into the awards be announced publicly?
A: All of the nominations for the awards will be kept confidential. The only organizations that will be announced publicly are those that make the shortlist of finalists and the final winners. The announcement of the shortlisted candidates will be made in September, 2021.  The final winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on November 4th in Toronto.

Q: Will any of the submitted information and attachments be made public or will they be kept confidential?
A: The information received for each entry and nomination will be kept confidential and only the judging panel will have access to the information. Only the names of the companies and individuals shortlisted for the awards will be made public. A short description on the final winners and the reasons they were selected will also be made available in the form of a Judges’ Report.

Q: What if my executive summary is longer than 750 words.
A: If you can't fit in the 750-word limit then your supporting materials package can start with the executive summary.

Q: Where can I find the consent form from the third step under "How to Submit a Nomination"?
A: There is no separate consent form available, rather by submitting your nomination at your consent is implied. No additional forms and signatures are required.

For EGA inquiries, please contact:
Letricia Fullerton
Manager, Administration, Education & Special Projects
416-921-5449 ext. 313

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