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The Nomination Process: How to Nominate

Each nominee MUST submit an executive summary which details a practice or an innovation in one of the nomination areas and highlights the role of the Governance Professional in enhancing the organization’s processes or effectiveness through the innovation.

Submissions should be limited to innovation or continuous improvement in one nomination area that has been implemented within the last 18 months. Each organization may submit a maximum of three nominations in all categories, combined.

The judging panel requires a clear and consistent explanation of what differentiates the nominee from its peers. The summary should include why the organization / individual / program is unique and what makes it “the best.” This should include a narrative of not only what was done, but also “how” and “why.”

The executive summary is limited to 750 words and should address the following questions in its content.

  • What nomination area does the practice or innovation fit within?
  • How does the organization’s approach in the nomination area support value creation for the organization and its stakeholders?
  • How is the Board involved in the nomination area?
  • How does the board oversee performance in the nomination area?
  • What results have been achieved with regard to the nomination area?
  • What is the role that the Governance Professional plays in coordinating/managing these processes and how are they empowered, resourced and supported to add the most value?

Attachments should be used sparingly, if at all. If used, they should be provided as an example of the practice, process or innovation, not as a description of it.

When including supporting materials to support the nomination from other documents, please provide extracts only of the relevant page or pages, as well as highlight the specific areas that are being submitted as supporting information. NO MORE than up to 7 pages of supporting materials can be provided in a single file for any one submission.

Executive summaries that refer to a “see attached” within their narrative to describe their innovation will be returned for rewrite. They must summarize each element within the summary.


The ‘Excellence in Governance Award’ is open to all organizations, sectors, and industries (listed, private, public, crown, not for profit, co-op, etc.) listed and head-quartered in Canada to take part. Individual or team submissions will be accepted in each category.

Submissions should be limited to innovation or continuous improvement in one nomination area that has been implemented within the last 18 months. Each organization may submit a maximum of three nominations in all categories, combined.

You may submit in multiple categories; however, each submission requires an entry form for its respective category.

The deadline for nominations is July 8th, 2021, and the shortlist of finalists for the awards will be announced in September 2021. The 2021 award winners will be announced and celebrated on Thursday, November 4th, 2021, Toronto, ON.

The judging committee is solely responsible for selecting those to appear on the various categoties. GPC staff and board members will not be directly nor indirectly involved in company submissions or choosing those selected to appear on the various panels. The judges’ decision is final, and no negotiation will take place..

How to Enter a Submission

  1. Create an account and log in at
  2. Select the category: Start by providing the award category being applied for and all necessary contact information. 
  3. Provide an executive summary: For each category you must submit a short executive summary which outlines achievements and addresses each specific criterion and questions as outlined in the submission brief, with a focus on how the organization has managed to succeed despite these challenging times. The summary must include how the company/program feels it is unique and successful in this area. This should include a narrative of not only what was accomplished but also “how” and “why.” The judging panel requires a clear and coherent explanation of what differentiates the submission from its peers. The executive summary is limited to a maximum of 750 words. 
  4. Supporting materials: Although it is not required, you are more than welcome to include supporting materials in your submission. Judges will need specific references to direct them easily to the exact sections/pages of your materials that support your submission.  
  5. Provide nominee consent: Complete, sign, and submit the entry form. You may nominate yourself or an organization other than your own. In either case, the executive summary needs to be submitted as described above, including the optional supporting materials. If a nomination is submitted for another organization or individual(s) and the nominating party wishes to remain anonymous, please make a note of this on the summary form and GPC will follow up with the nominee(s) directly for their consent and materials. 
  6. Review Submission Form:  If you wish to add to your nomination form at some later point, click SAVE. You will no longer be able to edit your nomination once you click SUBMIT.
  7. SUBMIT: When you are finished, save your form again and click SUBMIT.  You will no longer be able to edit your submission once you click SUBMIT.
  8. Repeat the above steps for each entry you have.

Category Checklist

Submissions will be accepted for organizations. Submissions may be made in multiple categories, but each entry must be submitted separately and be accompanied by an executive summary, and entry form.

GPC expects that between 5 and 7 awards will be granted annually, drawn from all nomination areas. Accordingly, there will not necessarily be an award (nor shortlisted nominees) drawn specifically from any particular nomination area in any particular year. Rather, the focus will be upon the best submissions drawn from any and all of the nomination areas, both for shortlisting and for the final determination of awards

PRIVACY POLICY: The identities of individuals and organizations entered in the nominations for the EGAs will be kept confidential. No public disclosure of nominations or nominees will be made with the exception of those companies that are selected for the shortlist in each category and of those companies that are selected as the winners. Any nomination submitted and its supporting material will be kept confidential by GPC and its judging panel. Nomination materials (electronic or hard copy) submitted will be destroyed after the Awards have been presented, unless the nominee(s) request the return of materials at the time of entry via the entry form.

For EGA inquiries, please contact:

Letricia Fullerton
Manager, Administration, Education & Special Projects
416-921-5449 ext. 313

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