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GPC is a national association of governance professionals from public, private, Crown and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and the United States. Following the tabling of the Peter Dey report in 1995, TO Corporate Services principals approached the ICSA Canada Board with an initiative to create a new association. This new organization would provide professional service to corporate secretaries and related governance professionals, who demanded more networking opportunities and continuing education opportunities in light of the report's requirements. This idea received complete support and collaboration from both ICSA and Peter Dey to be a worthy and necessary initiative that soon thereafter created the Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries (CSCS). In August of 2016, the board and its members voted to change the organization name to one that would reflect the diversity of its well-renowned membership. Today our organization is known as Governance Professionals of Canada (GPC).

With a focus on best meeting practices, effective stakeholder communications, disclosure and effective board administration, GPC provides resources on industry leading principles of good governance and ethics.

  • Simplification and standardization of organization's governance practices
  • Identification and promotion of cost and operating efficiencies
  • Improved communications with stakeholders
  • Active representation of members’ interests to government, stock exchanges and regulators

Our reputable society continues to focus on advocacy, development, networking and access to timely resources. Each year our membership grows as more North American professionals discover us through colleagues, their employers, and events such as our Annual Corporate Governance Conference. We are known for championing governance in Canada. 

Our mission: 

The promotion and advancement of the governance function in organizations in the private, public, not-for-profit and other sectors in Canada, through education, networking and the continued development and application of best governance practices.


Through our work, we have enhanced the profile of the corporate secretary's and governance professionals' office. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, GPC has kept governance professionals abreast of legislative changes and best practices. GPC represents your voice in the consultation process and promotes your professional profile through a strong national voice to government, stock exchanges and regulators.


GPC offers professional development sessions and webinars on topics such as, fundamentals of corporate governance, the role of the corporate secretary, current governance issues and how to stay informed, to managing meetings, materials and minutes. We are well known for our Annual Corporate Governance Conference and tradeshow that brings over 300 governance professionals together each year. Along with this, we also have our Excellence in Governance Awards program and ceremony that recognizes the important contribution governance professionals make in terms of best practices that build and sustain shareholder and stakeholder value. Each year, GPC organizes high quality events for our members.


We provide networking opportunities both in-person and online through exclusive local events, online forums, membership directories and social media dialogues. We provide tools for members to build networks and their community through local and national contacts.


We offer online access to the latest governance news and information including a glossary, links to regulatory resources, requests for assistance forums, job postings, a monthly e-newsletter, events as well as access to relevant professional publications.


GPC is aligned with other like-minded national and international bodies and is positioned to provide members with a comprehensive view on corporate governance. We have formed these close relationships to provide you access to information and events outside of GPC and the opportunity to expand your contacts and networks in other relevant professional organizations.

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