The Nomination Process: How to Nominate


The awards are open to all organizations and to corporate secretaries, general counsel, governance and compliance officers at any company listed and head-quartered in Canada. Either individual or team nominations will be accepted in each category.

In order for the nomination to be considered, materials submitted in support of the nominations must relate to activities that took place between February 1, 2016 and April 31, 2017.

Nominations may be submitted in multiple categories, however each submission requires an entry form per category.

The judging committee is solely responsible for selecting winners, except for the Joyce Borden-Reed Award. GPC staff and board members will not be directly or indirectly involved in nominating companies, selecting the shortlist, or choosing winners. The judges’ decision is final and no negotiation will be entered into.

How to Submit a Nomination

  1. Nominate yourself, your team, or your peer(s). Start with an executive summary.

    For all categories the nominee must submit an executive summary outlining achievements and addressing each specific criteria as outlined in the nomination brief. The summary must include a description not only on the specific criteria but must explain why the company/individual/program is unique and what makes it “the best.” This should include a narrative of not only what was done but “how” and “why”. The judging panel requires a clear and consistent explanation of what differentiates the nominee from its peers. The executive summary is limited to 750 words.

  2. Upload supporting materials.

    If including supporting materials please direct judges to specific sections/pages that best support your submission. Be as accurate, specific and brief as possible.

  3. Provide nominee consent. Complete, sign, and submit the entry form.

    You may nominate yourself or an organization other than your own. In either case, the executive summary needs to be submitted as described above, including the relevant supporting materials. The nominee(s) will also need to complete and sign the standard entry form indicating their consent to be considered in the judging process. If a nomination is submitted for another organization or individual(s) and the nominating party wishes to remain anonymous, please make a note of this on the summary form and GPC will follow up with the nominee(s) directly for their consent and materials. 

Category Checklist

Nominations will be accepted for individual or organizations. Nominations of an individual or organization may be made in multiple categories, but each entry must be submitted separately and be accompanied by an executive summary, supporting materials, and entry form.

Nominees submitting materials to multiple categories should consider the following list as a basic reference.

  • Best Practices in Enterprise Risk Management
    The judging panel will look for a highly engaged level of functioning by the board e.g., in deep dives and other due diligence into the company, its capital structure, industry and markets to understand and address inherent risks and opportunities

  • Best Practices in Sustainability and ESG
    CSR reports, environmental and social engagement policies, examples of community development and advancement, corporate ethics policies and training programs, Anti-fraud and corruption policies

  • Best Approach to Achieving Effective Board and Committee Operations
    Director training and orientation procedures, management of board minutes and materials, CEO evaluation policy, formal succession planning policies.

  • Best Practices to Enhance Boardroom Diversity
    Diversity policy, measurable objectives and targets, director competency and skills matrix, tenure limits, consideration and representation of diversity on the board and in executive officer positions, and board and committee oversight over diversity

  • Best Practices in Strategic Planning, Oversight and Value Creation by the Board
    Role of the board in value creation and strategic planning, statements of corporate performance among peers and industry, examples of board oversight of goal setting for CEO and management accountability, annual reports and proxy statements (with specific focus on strategic planning, execution, innovation opportunities and associated risks), and the alignment of strategic plan, business model, value drivers, executive compensation, and risk management.

  • Best Engagement by a Governance Team
    IR policies and procedures, investor roadshows, annual report and proxy statements, sustainability report

  • Best Pay for Performance
    The nominee should define and articulate its compensation philosophy in terms of desired pay positioning, peer group, mix of short and long term compensation, performance measurement and management, succession, and retention and recruiting strategies.

    Supporting materials may include Fairness Opinions, Competitive Market Research, independent Pay-for-Performance Assessments. The nominee should also discuss its use of and/or policy toward employment contracts, discretionary grants, severance and change of control agreements, clawbacks and other compensation tools.

  • Best Overall Corporate Governance
    Annual reports, compliance program and procedures, ethics policies, FCPA and anti-fraud reports, IR website, proxy statements, executive and CEO compensation strategy, responses to governance challenges, complaints and investigations.

  • Joyce Borden-Reed Distinguished Contribution Award
    This award can be awarded to an individual only. The nomination should be accompanied by a summary of 750 words or less outlining the achievements to be taken into consideration, such as service and volunteer support provided to GPC in the recent past as well as contribution to governance in Canada

  • Peter Dey Lifetime Achievement Award
    This award can be awarded to an individual only. The nomination should be accompanied by a summary of 750 words or less of the nominee’s achievements in governance in Canada in the recent past.

PRIVACY POLICY: The identities of individuals and organizations entered in the nominations for the EGAs will be kept confidential. No public disclosure of nominations or nominees will be made with the exception of those companies that are selected for the shortlist in each category and of those companies that are selected as the winners. Any nomination submitted and its supporting material will be kept confidential by GPC and its judging panel. Nomination materials (electronic or hard copy) submitted will be destroyed after the Awards have been presented, unless the nominee(s) request the return of materials at the time of entry via the entry form.

For EGA inquiries, please contact:

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Manager, Education, Special Projects & Administration
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